How It All Works

Design Ideas

Send some images of your design ideas, or your existing kit to in any format. If you need a template we can send one over.

We will create a 3D mockup of your idea to give you an accurate representation of how the kit will look.

We can make changes until you are fully happy.


Sizing is just as important as choosing the design!

Our size guide is the place to go to find the best fit for you.



All of our products are 100% manufacture in the UK, we use the most up to date and high quality sewing methods wherever we can to make sure that there are no internal seams to rub or irritate the skin.

We constantly invest in new machinery to make sure that we have the best sewing techniques for the job.


Once a design is agreed upon, we can either issue a full invoice for the kit to be paid in one go, or we can open a team shop to allow individual payments.

We will then leave the team shop open for future orders individual orders at any time.


On the first order, the kit will be manufactured and sent out to you within 4 weeks of payment. For the team shop, individual orders will be shipped within the week.

We offer worldwide free shipping.


If you're happy with the kit let everyone know. If not, let us know and we will do our best to find a solution.